The importance of a complaints book

After the EU summit 1997 in Amsterdan we wrote a complaints book about the police conduct. We think its very important to do it also about Genoa. Read the way we did it.

In 1997 we wrote a complaints book about the police conduct during the Euro Summit in Amsterdam. We think its was very important to know what happened, to collect all storys and to analyse what happened. With the information in the complaint book we won all cases against the police en gouverment. Even the media (during the summit they wrote only about violence from activist) change in there opinion. Ofcourse there was not realy a polical change but the complaint book had a lot of positive results. But its also very important for our own movement. We did not see a complaibook after Praag or Goteborg. We think its very important to collect the storys about police violence and oppresion against the movement and to publish it. We hope there will be in short time a complaints book about Genoa. If you want to read how we did it in 1997

daniela 2001-07-26T07:09:17+00:00

I agree! we all should work to prepare a comlaint book! dobbiamo lavorare tutti alla compilazione di un libro bianco sulla repressione subita a genova! dobbiamo raccogliere testimonianze e pareri dei giuristi dobbiamo cos� riappropiarci dei diritti che ci sono stati tolti!

Leela 2001-07-30T09:39:52+00:00

Yes, I perfectly agree with you. This violence done by the Italian police is absolutely INACCEPTABLE. The violence like that should NEVER EVER happen in the democratic country. I’m sure that there’re lots of testimonies who have films and photos to prove their disgusting action, so let’s work on it!

BruceMcN 2001-07-31T22:44:18+00:00

The work of an independent international commission of inquiry such as is being pressed for by Amnesty International, among other groups, would be greatly assisted by a ‘book of complaints’. The atrocities committed by the British military against a peaceful civil rights demonstration on ‘Bloody Sunday’ 1972 are still being investigated in the north of Ireland, with some hope of justice, due in large measure to the work of the victim’s friends who sedulously collected as many eyewitness accounts as they could get. Another good account of how to put together a ‘book of complaints’ against state terrorism is the book “Bloody Sunday: Massacre in Northern Ireland The Eyewitness Accounts” by Don Mullan.

No truth is as powerful as witnessed truth. The IMC will enhance its already shining reputation for speaking truth in the teeth of power by amassing a record of eyewitness testimonials that will show the fascist beast for what it is and providing an independent international commission of inquiry the grist for the mill of justice.

Keep right on!