nobordercaravan in genova

since june 26 the noborder.nonation.publixtheatrecaravan is on way through europe. on monday, 17 of july the caravan arrived in genova. on the way there were some troubles. one bus was not allowed to enter italy. the big bus was controlled by police in porto venere. they searched the bus for weapons and bombs but could only find orange helmets, tires and other theatre-stuff. one person was detentioned for more then 3 hours to check the identity, because she was on the so called black list, of people which are not allowed to enter italy - but the police did not know what to do. so she went free after 3 hours.

the caravan get a letter from the police were it is written, that there were no weapons in the bus.

on friday the caravan was hold by the police when we tried to leave la spezia. the police came with three different forces and controled all the cars for three hours. at first the policia municipal, then the polizia and the civil police. they listed all the ids from the people of the caravan and the comissario arrived. he wanted to know, who is member from which car. than he tolled us that we have to be left during the next day or they will come again.

some hours later the caravan arrived in genova. if you like to get in contact with the caravan, send an email to

you can read information about the caravan in the diary at there you can find what happend on the way from the austrian/hungarian border to salzburg, petisovci (slo) and now genova.

we try to update this diary as often as possible, so that you can follow the caravan through the internet.