news from milan : eviction!

News from Milan: Eviction!

[it] novita' da milano e' in corso lo sgombero della villa occupata a milano per chi non la conoscesse e' una casa occupata di anarchici nella periferia nord di milano faremo seguire eventuali approfondimenti

[en] news from milan villa occupata in milan is being evicted in this very moment villa occupata is a anarchist sqaut in the northern part of the town eventual news will follow

janneke 2001-07-16T16:17:25+00:00

Sorry I don’t speak any Italian, butI would like to correct the above message. The VIlla in Milano was not evicted. There was a raid with about 40 cops this morning. It seems they were looking for weed. 3 people got arrested, but the house was not evicted.

I hope the 3 arrestants will be released soon, but at least they still have the house.

grtz Janneke