Watch out for spindoctors, agents provocateurs etc

People will have to be carefull in the upcoming days as a hell of a lot of fony articles and comments will be posted here during next weekends G-8 Summit in Genoa. As we have seen earlier in G�teborg in june a lots of counter propaganda will be done by the authorities. A good advice for all of us is simply to ignore postings that are clearly pro-police or of a rather extreme right wing flavour. They are rather easy to pinpoint because they usually are provocative especially against anarchists and make always some right wing reactionary remarks. Often they describe themselves as peacefull residents that feel “attacked” by nasty and evil protesters that are only there to smash their quiet and peaceful city. Others use a more pro-police using such rhetoric as “oh my God they are throwing rocks at thepoor police and so on”. It happens that there are a number of “true” people writing these kind of postings but they are only a few because most of them don’t even consult Indy media anyways !!! They consult the mainstream medias instead. The aim by the authorities is to divide and throw us in the everlasting and futile debate of the violent vs non-violent approach to demonstration. Come on folks we on the left are smarter than that to fall into the trap set by silly little right wing cops….