Info on accomodation etc in Genoa

There has been many problems in getting the actual spaces off the authorities but here is the latest info as of Sunday Evening. The Convergence Centre ( Plaza Marin Luther Kingis now open and the forum will begin tommorrow too. Check Genoa Social forum sight for maps etc. At present the Authorities will close both Major Train stations as of Tuesday 17th - people will be dropped off at Stations on the outskirts will be buses will be there to take people into the centre??? they also say as of Yesterday (14th)the Schengan agreement will be cancelled, meaning European community citizens will not have free movement across the Italian border, though we have no evidence that this has been happening. Accomodation at the Carlini Staduim is almost taken but as of Monday 15th the next accomodation space will be Campo Sportino on Via de Ciclamini. If coming by train go to the Quarto DEI mill station ifrom there ask directions. Also if coming by plane ( Before 18th)take the 100 bus right outside the airport and go as far as the terminos Brignole Railway (4000 lire) or Piazza Della Victoria and take the 17 bus to Quarto and ask directions from there to via de Ciclamini. Now there are more camps opening up - Aproach the convergence and info centre on John F Kennedy plaza

If in doubt phone Mara 397979155 Francesca 32100990278 International Mika 3896754722 English and German speakers ( Border Control): 0039�3406037617

Anarchist social centre also offer accomodation at P. Pinelli 3, Genoa Molessane Inmensa, via Colano 1 , Bolzaneto Info: 0107451831

This will be a daily contact also check Indimedia, UK