IMC Italy Video Channel


Frustrated video watcher 2001-07-15T18:00:14+00:00

I would love to be able to watch the imc video during the Genoa protests. However I am behind a firewall and seem to have lots of trouble connecting.

I’m not really an expert, but I know I can use Realplayer with HTTP transport - that seems to work for some sites.

Can the indymedia video be transported in this way?

Carrie 2001-07-16T02:42:55+00:00

Please excuse my English.

Thanks so much for putting these videos on the Net. I am in Olympia, Washington, USA, and have been searching high and low for real news from the scene. These are the first pictures I’ve seen from the non corporate press. I hope you be able to post more video as the week goes on. There is almost NO coverage in the US right now, and we do so want to know what is happening!

Good luck to all of you. You are the best.