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Genua infosheet as of July 10th From Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 08:31:53 -0400 (EDT)

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Genova Information Sheet - as of July 10th

General situation:

Up until the beginning of July, all demonstrations and political activities were forbidden in the City. The government started giving out spaces only recently which is making the organisation very difficult, as the logistical infrastructure is taking shape day by day. We will keep updating this Information sheet regularly.

Basically the government is concentrating most of the protest in the East part of the city. Genova is long and thin spreading from West to East along the coast. The so called Red Zone is in the West part of the City including large parts of the historical centre.


Maps will be available at the information point. You can also view one online (including the red zone) at: and following the links from We recommend you to try and get hold of a map beforehand and get an idea of what the city is like.

Convergence Point:

One of the key spaces will be a large parking lot right by the coast. It’s about 4 football fields in size and can cope with at least 20.000 people. Here you’ll find: -an information point (at the western end): maps, information about accommodation spaces, last news about the political situation, booklets with legal information in different languages, etc

  • a stage (at the eastern End): there will be a kick off concert on the 18th in the evening.
  • sound system to communicate in large assemblies
  • several information stalls. You can set up your own information if you bring materials along.
  • parking space for those arriving by bus

There will be several tents for the Public Forum at the Eastern End of the parking lot. Right across the parking, in Piazza Raffaele Rossetti there will be a food / catering point run by a farmers union. They will sever organic food but mainly WITH MEAT !

The convergence point is pretty close to the Second Train Station (Stazione Brignole - not the main one). Walk down the big avenue V. le Brig. Partigiane towards the coast until you reach the parking lot.

Two important Schools

A few hundred meters away from the Convergence Point, in Via Cesare Battista there will be 2 schools (one in front of the other) with important infrastructure (but no! Sleeping places). There will be

  • a press centre
  • a space for the independent media centre
  • access to computers, internet, office and printing facilities etc
  • space for meeting and preparing activities

Independent Media Centre:

Several media activists are already starting to converge in the City. Indymedia will have its own space. It will be possible to process all kind of video, audio, photo materials and upload it on different IMC websites.


There will be sleeping places in schools, a stadium, parks. Bringing tent along is recommended. There will be some large tents set up.

  • Carlini Stadium (campo sportivo carlini): There is camping space here for at least 1200 people. There are two gyms, showers and WC. The White Overalls will be converging here too and co-ordinating their actions. The stadium is along Corso A. Gastaldi / Corso Europa, in the east part. The Carlini Stadium will be open from July 12th onwards.

  • more soon (3 football fields, 3 spaces in schools). Details following or at get them at the Infopoint.

Food and restauration points:

Will start working from the 15th onwards depending on the amount of people in the City by that time.

  • Piazza Raffaeole Rossetti: Food point right accross the convergence point on run by a farmers union (mostly non vegetarian!)

  • Giardini Reale: about 200 m away from the Carlini stadium along Corso A. Gastaldi. Space for 1500 people on the grass area.

  • Quarto dei Mille: further east along the coast, a bit far out.

Border crossing support points:

  • Ventimiglia (coming from France): Contact tel.:+39-333460372
  • Chiasso (coming from CH): Tel.:+41-76-330 2443
  • Brenner (from Austria): Tel +39-348 0345 857

Public Forum July 15th-22nd

Public and discussion forums in tents set up east from the parking lot / convergence point. There will be three tents with a capacity of 600,200,200 people. The programme is available at

There are two First Aid activist networks working together and providing first aid support. Legal aid booklet will be available in several languages at the infopoint. More details soon. Lawyers are reachable here: Until july 17th: 0039-3282771170 18-22: 0039-(0)10-319168 0039-349 7375770 0039-328 2771170