For the development of an �opponent awe�against the modern tyranny, its apologists and reformers… For �being wherever it happens and wherever we are to make it happen�… For the passage from protest to revolt… For global social revolution… For Anarchy…

Today, while globalization proceeds

  • armed with new �visions� for looting and redistributing the planet, after the collapse of the bipolar world, which allowed anew the geographical and social maps to become areas for the operation, the development and the imposition of the western capitalist model, having in key-roles transnational political and economic institutions (as the G8 and the EU - the IMF, the World Bank and WTO)…
  • armed with the �achievements� of technology (informatics, genetics, biotechnology, telematics) which become the new instruments for the domestication of humans and nature, the new means of control and repression, transforming the power not only in numbers but in quality by providing it infinite possibilities to be diffused, turning society in a prison…
  • armed with criminal military and police mercenary staffs (NATO, or CIA, FBI and Europol) and with global strategies for the order enforcement and the criminalisation of resistance (international �antiterrorist� laws), and armed as well with a modernized ideological arsenal -deriving from the, otherwise sanguinary, humanitarian and democratic western civilization- which is to fabricate the necessary social consent to the transaction of death operations… today, the matter of posing a rival awe against this modern dictatorship of the State and Capital, is more urgent than ever.

And that is because along with the new ideology emerging by the dominant block of authority, who talk about �human rights� and �humanitarian wars�, �societies of consuming prosperity�, �development, security and modernization�, about �democratic participation� in the governing of the world through the �Civil Society� and the NGOs, we also see the reappearance of some downgraded servants of the regime, nationalists, priests, professional unionists, workers' patriarchs, this time disguised as �resisters� to globalization. They appear first in order to negotiate their own entrance in the new era and then to enclave in their rusty chains the authentic social resistance, buying off this way a role in the game of domination, as valuable supporters of social consent and guarantors of lawfulness.

This reality increasingly confirms the struggles that have the character or rupture with all forms of domination, that their identity originates in the radical rejection of the establishment and that promote its total destruction, without illusions of negotiating with institutions which only expand survival in a world empty of life and freedom. And even more visible becomes the desire for the growth of this antagonistic pole within the new global scene, for communication between the different struggles and for their potential coordination… The insurrectional moments that marked the mobilizations in Amsterdam, London, Seattle, Prague, Nice, Napoli and Quebec, by acquiring global resonance, they represent an expression of that perspective beyond the �good� and the �evil� (on the one hand the defense of the old world and its values, such as patriotism, religion, labor, and on the other its modernization). These moments are the stigma of a threat from below in the foundations of the new order, against its much-praised omnipotence and the defeatism it produces. It is also an expression of a different globalization, with universal and antiregime character, a globalization of resistance and solidarity for a world without borders… They are clashes that break out with every chance, like for example where the transnational economic and political apparatuses organize their conferences… Clashes that constitute only moments of the social and class war which takes place everyday and in every place of the planet and which includes all small or big actions of resistance against the State and the bosses. It is the social war that was expressed by the aggressive actions in the streets of Athens the night of Clinton’s visit, with the indigenous uprising that swept Ecuador, with the violent conflicts between the workers on strike and the police in Seoul, with the burnt properties of the multinationals that produce genetically modified products in N. America, with the militant demonstrations in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo in Latin America… It is the same war that continues inside and outside the prisons, against the programs of extermination for the political prisoners, against the white cells in Turkey, against the FIES isolation system in Spain, for the liberation of the fighters from RAF and Action Directe in Germany and France, for freedom to the Black and Indian strugglers in USA, for the liberation of all imprisoned anarchists, of all political and social prisoners all over the world… The same war that rages in modern metropolis between the excluded proletarians and those incorporated in the system, between youth and the police, in the struggles against the neoliberal capitalist attack.

This summer the bosses travel in the Mediterranean… From July 20 to 22, the leaders of the seven most rich - powerful states plus Russia, the G8, will meet in Genoa.


  • Because it is a chance to meet with our comrades who will come from all around the world, a chance in order to promote continual conditions of communication and coordination of our struggle in the fields of counter-information, solidarity and action, and in order to create together moments of social counter-attack.

  • Because we are interested in the development of a multiform radical social movement, self-organized and subversive, with antinationalist, antiauthoritarian and anticapitalist character, which will penetrate the fabricated borders of the states. Because spreading and internationalizing the struggle, especially today, is essential concerning its quality and effectiveness, against the globalization of the bosses and against those �opposed� to it based on patriotic positions.

  • Because conferences such as the one of the G8, and generally the bosses' ceremonies, provoke the discontent or the rage of thousands of people. Because the upper-crust coalition of the global leaders consists a key-instrument in the promotion of globalization, and thus responsible for its devastating consequences to people and nature, including all ways that these effects are expressed in different places of the planet: either through economic development and the simultaneous privation of the proletarians, or with the war catastrophe and the immigrants' waves, through looting and polluting the land, through escalating exploitation and oppression everyday and everywhere.

  • Because this institution as well, is one of the headquarters initiating the same globalization programs that are imposed in Greece, in the name of modernization. And because any place in the global map is an appropriate ground to confront the local and foreign bosses. Because when we fight in the place we live against the politics of the greek state, in fact we fight against a global strategy of domination. The same way, when we aim at undermining a leading staff of the international bosses, we also undermine the interests of the greek ruling class. So, planning the sabotage of the fiesta in Genoa is a part of the struggle we are engaged in here, in greece, against the exploiting and repressive role that the greek state has, both internationally and locally:

  • against its role as a watchdog for the southeastern borders of Fortress-Europe, where hundreds of political and economic refugees are getting killed every year in the frontier minefields, in the mountains and the seas; against its role as a precious member of NATO according its position in the Balkans, and also as a member of the criminal gang of the European states and their monetary unification, where the profits of stock markets and corporations reflect the blood of entire populations who live only to feed them and only as long as they feed them.
  • against the deepening of social and class gradings inside the country, resulting from the restructuring process of the greek state and capital, in order to adjust with the world market (reforms in labor, education, social security and health); against the capitalist investments, the construction of new works and the environmental destruction, against the Olympic games in 2004, the new �antiterrorist� law, the prisons and the police army that occupies the cities, against them building a neutralized and fascist society.
  • Because in the miscellaneous crowd that is gathering for the international demonstrations, we can distinguish a variety of collectives and individuals who chose different issues as priorities in their struggles -such as racism, social discriminations, ecology, unemployment etc. - but through their interaction of their meeting in the streets, they have the chance to make practical steps towards surpassing the compromises, the entrenchment to themselves and the single-issue conceptions. There, we can also see a youth suffocating in the margins of life left in the modern metropolis; communities that the system criminalizes in order to have them surviving under surveillance in the outskirts of the walls that are built to protect the corporate centers. Youth that, when participating in such events, express dynamically a new kind of politicization, against their absorption or crush by the blackmails of the power, the values and the roles that are imposed. A �politicization� without any particular bonds with the �existent', born in the ruins of the previous season of all those exhausted pacifist illusions and consumed trade-unionist claims, cultivated in the class violence, the alienation and the prison-societies of the modern cities, without restricting itself by the �savoir-vivre' of the claiming model represented by the bureaucracies and the political parties.

  • Because in such meetings (as it happened in Seattle, Prague, Nice, Napoli, Quebec and tomorrow in Genoa), the anarchists, the antiauthoritarians, the proletarians in revolt, with their discourse about radical critic and attack to the state and capitalist structures, with their determinative intervention within the people who took the streets and with their insurrectional action, they manage to sharpen social antagonism, to have an incendiary part in transforming an atmosphere of dissent to social counter-attack. They give specific blows to the symbols and the guards of the regime, they damage the picture of �social pacification� and absolute control, that the bosses want to present as their achievements… In such events, they had once more revealed the futility of self-limitations and of appealing to the �sensitivities� of a fully armed regime, they debunked the controlled and faked clashes by specialized groups, they have made obvious that resistance against the State and the Capital not only includes all the dispensable means of struggle, but it also discovers new ones. For that reason, the direct action of the revolted people, which came as practical result of their refusal to have any compromise or dialogue with the institutions, met not only the angry response of the state apparatuses, but also the wrath of the left wing of the regime… and that is because this left wing was inside the mobilizations (or somewhere near, anyway) but still unable to prevent or control them, to guide or assimilate them, or even observe them. So, in the disappointment of those who believed that globalization is just an invention in the service of the left, what really happened was the contrary… What characterized Clinton’s visit in Athens was the attacked launched by anarchists against banks and luxury stores… what marked Seattle and sent everywhere a message of resistance was the black bloc action and what created a reference to Prague was the anarchists' blue march. Thereby, sometime after the Prague events -and the consequent defeat that the view of mediation and regression had suffered- a mishmash of managers coming from political parties or governments, having among them the internal affairs minister of France, personalities like media owners, eminent university professors and patriotic trade-unionists, together with a mixture of surplus political personnel from european countries, have organized the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, relying on the real existence of movements in Latin America. There, in Porto Alegre, they attempted, for the fist time so organized, to compose a reformist theoretical framework, which should convert the struggle against globalization into another incorporated �movement� of harmless contestation, where the effects of the social and class exploitation are supposed to be transferred for �settlement� to the official directories which are approved by the institutions: non-governmental organizations, trade-unions, political parties, the same organizations that the state itself empowers to negotiate the interests of the oppressed.
    In view of Genoa, many left groups and parties from Italy and other european countries, with the title of Porto Alegre representatives, were met in order to determine the boundaries for the mobilizations against G8. In their discussion, among other things, �… they referred to some negative experiences from Prague and Napoli and they denounced the practice of breaking and damaging the cities�. They were also hastened to guarantee that �… in July 20 there will be no aggressiveness from the demonstrator’s part, only �civil disobedience’� Their presence in Genoa is for us one more reason to be there.

Because as we have an answer for capitalism, the same way we have an answer for those who mediate the interests of state security and who safeguard the capitalists' property, placing themselves inside the movements; for those who instead of denouncing the state repression, the maltreatment, the arrests and imprisonment of demonstrators by the police in all previous mobilizations, they chose to denounce the insurrectional practice which came from revolted people and which was turned against those responsible for the misery of the societies, against the symbols of the rich and the guards of the bosses.

  • Because resistance against the capitalist globalization can only be based on the self-organized direct action of the people who struggle, in the way they chose each time, and not surrendered to institutions and self-styled representatives.
  • Because there in no better way than putting in practice a subversive plan, for attacking the political and economic elite, and for making at the same time your presence distinguishable, when within a mishmash of stalinists, nationalists of pacifist protestants. _- Because we are not at all willing to solve the problems of capitalism, beautifying it through �constructive� proposals. We are not interested for plastic surgeries in the democratic mask of the state coalitions' dictatorship. Because we don’t want to live in a �more human way� inside their nightmarish world; we want to live without them. Because in the environment of global resistance which is formed, we find our social and class allies to transform the arrogant conferences of the bosses into festivals of revolt.
  • Because the bosses, their institutions and symbols, as we have already proved, are not invulnerable.

Here and everywhere…

Anarchist Collectives and Comrades (Athens, greece)

raelene 2001-07-10T21:32:45+00:00

only in Italy you can see the Indymedia home page dominated by anarchists, old and nostalgic communists, blind and in faschion extremists.. people just dealing with political power and long and boring manifestos.

we want the truth! we want the news! we want the world! a different world of free people! free in the mind! against all of you, slave of your own ideas!

nice! 2001-07-11T09:13:27+00:00

hope you people from greece will join genoa mobilitation so try to come here in all the way you can,because italian authorities planned to stop anarchists especially from your country,and is very simple to stop a boat…see you there, and also i think it’s good for you,raelene,to read some real anarchist document than all the shit that you can see too many times on this site..