(en) Update from Genoa Friday July 7th

From desaparecido@nadir.org Date Sat, 7 Jul 2001 08:18:52 -0400 (EDT)

  A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Here are some information about the current situation in Genoa as experienced by a few individuals working around the Tute Bianche (TB)* and the social centre Terra di Nosuna (land of Nosuno). There are many other groups working on preparations but this is where we landed and are welcome. Things change fast so check out for new updates coming in.

ATMOSPHERE OF REPRESSION : On Wednesday, an apartment where several activists from the TB were staying was raided by the police. Official reason : look for weapons. The TB reacted pretty well, as they were having a press conference near by they moved immediately to the apartment surprising the civil police in the middle of its work with cameras and photographers. The news made it to front page local newspapers "the anger of the tute bianche" :.." the State begins the confrontation" clearly showing the illegitimate and authoritarian act of the government. OF course the police found nothing but dirty socks, papers and old pasta.

The police has started being very present in the streets of Genova. According to information in the newspapers, the police is making about 1200 individual identity controls per day. In the evenings there are not that many people out in the streets as would be usual for these time of the tear. All small street sellers and dealers have moved away just to give u an idea. A group of 20 students that was doing a small action involving a press conference were all stopped on their way to the pc and checked. The State is trying to put psychological pressure and create a mood of tension, but people have remained cool and are carefully thinking about the ways to well counter these moves. Lawyers and legal observers are being organised.

In Napel there was a demonstration mainly organised by the NoGlobal spectrum which was strongly involved in the protests against the OECD back in march. The demo was because the Eurovision (the ferry boat in which the G8 summit will take place ) was in the harbour of Napoli. There was a symbolic act of people trying to get in and hand a letter over to the captain of the boat asking him not to host the meeting and so on. The police seems to have over reacted and there are rumors about 1 person being in hospital, but we don’t have clear info about what happened. Check out italy.indymedia.org .


Very unclear situation. As you know the government only recently started guaranteeing spaces for the activities / accommodation etc. The situation changes on a day to day basis which makes the organising extremely difficult, but this is roughly the situation : the government wants to divide the city along an west / east zone. (The city is long and thin spread along the coast). The west for official G8 activities and red zone, and the east as the playground for protesters. The spaces in the Eastern part will be secured from July 15th-22nd. The division of the city begins roughly speaking east and west of the second train station (not the main one). By the coast, close to the 2nd train station, there is a huge parking lot (about 4 football fields) which will be one of the key spaces. There is space for 20.000 people here according to the organisers. There will be a concert on Thursday here. An infopoint, a few large tents for the public forum, sound system for large plenaries etc. Very near by there are two schools which will include space for meetings and preparing activities, a press centre, computer access, printing facilities etc - but NO sleeping place. There are other schools and parks very likely to be used but until yesterday evening there was no clear information about their use. But in all cases bringing tents along is a good thing to do ! More infos soon.

The situation around the 9-15th of July is unclear. Most people organise around the Social Centre Terra di Nosuno (land of noone). There is some infrastructure here : kitchen, camping space, computer etc). The SC is about 15 minutes from the centre. Take bus no35 (not 35 slash because it’ll take u to the mountains) at the principal square in front of the pharmacy. Get off at the stadium Lagacchio. It’s in the west of the city !

Preserving space in the west is seen as key by some people, especially taking into account the action of civil disobedience planned by the tute bianche (see below). Others think that this space could too easily be isolated (like the school in Goeteborg) and that we should move into the east. There will be a decision on this soon. This depends also on other groups i.e a grassroots trade union (the only one) that is planning to march on the 20th through the west side, other groups trying to get spaces in the west.

Action on July 20th.

This is mostlt being coordinated by the tute bianche and the idea if to commit civil disobedience by entering the red zone. In several italian cities there are public training’s taking place for this action. The tb count on several thousand people taking part. The idea is affinity groups / clusters can spread along the red zone limitation (there will be fences in several parts a la Quebec see below). The coordination among these affinity groups will happen up until the very last moment in the common spaces (parking etc) and will depend very much on how the situation evolves up until then. So if the western part is not secured, we will be all packed into the east which involves also more possible friction between the different political spectrums.

THE FENCE There are concrete supports (2,50 m wide * 50 cm high) disposed around the city, ready to be used. A 2,50 m high metal fence can be fixed to each one of these concrete �supports' and be put together making a large wall. We will make pictures and put the online soon.

TECHNICAL things :

it is difficult to get gas masks. Bring some along. A lot if possible. It seems that it is not forbidden to carry them. Bring tents. It is likely to be the easiest way of accommodation. In some spots u may find a lot of mosquitos. Repellent can be useful. The weather is hot and humid.

Keep in mind things evolve on a daily basis, keep checking for more infos. Organise as self sufficient as possible, remain flexible. Put political pressure on the Italian Government. People are motivated and in a good mood. The italian political culture is an interesting experience for anyone ! All for now. see you.

[A-infos-en Editor note: Though the TB as organization are not anarchists, it seems that they are not yet clearly part of the old authoritarian left that any cooperation with them is harmful. I.]