Direct Action against Repression /berlin

Direct Action in Berlin in context with G8 in Genoa

On Friday, 6th of July, 25 people met in Berlin, in order to protest against the criminalization of movement by the state and to declare their solidarity with the political prisoners in Gothenborg and Salzburg. They got into the river Spree with about 20 rubber dinghies, supported by many people , which were watching the action. The activist paddled on the Spree towards the " Bundestag", the seat of German parliament, while shouting slogans like " We have the right to move", " Resitance and protest is justified" " No criminalization of anti-capitalists".

Near the Bundestag , the activists put up a banner with the slogan " Step by Step against the world wide GAP" and continued shouting slogans. They succeded in calling the attention of the passersby and the people on the tourist-ships. " This action, the symbolic occupation of the Spree, shall draw attention to our demands for " free flooding for everyone and everywhere". Police and Politicians try to criminalize those, who are critizing the present capitalistic system and to suppress their protest by resctricting their personal freedom. The restriction of personal freedom, especially the right to move, was first
applied to refugees ( the so-called “Residenzpflicht”, which limits the room to move to the local district)and football-hooligans, now the government wants to extend the restriction of personal freedom to dissenters. "

While the activists were paddling back, the police had already surrounded the bank, so the activists decided better not to go on land. Then the police started chasing after the rubber dinghies with a motor boat. Thereby they endagered people, by ramming their boats or using hooks to destroy them. The cops caught the activists , boat by boat, but they had a lot of difficulties in doing so: Two people started swimming away, when their boat was destroyed ( unfortunately their flight was not succesful), while persecuting another boat, two cops got into a rubber dinghy , but then they realized, that they had no paddles…. Besides, on theire wilde chased the motor boat crashed against the quayside. Finally , all activist where caught, and collected on the bank. The police took down their partcilucars and took pictures. They brought a charged aganist the activists and confiscated their boats. One demonstrant was arrested, because, he didn’t carry an identification paper with him. He got free in the evening.

The call for action:

“….Our creativity will offer us constantly new ways, which will surprise them. They make war and we react with fantasy. Every protest against injustice and inhumanity is justified. But the politicians of the EU and the members of the self-announced “most powerful of the world” think different: Gerhard Schr�der, head of the German state, was the first, who demanded drastic measures against activists, followed by restrictions of basic human rights: restriction of the freedom to travel partially limitation of the residence to one city, by obliogatory registration twice a day, confiscation of the identity card and passport. Defamation by politicians and media. The best illustration of this repression-machinery is the response to a thrown stone on a armed, well protected policeman, by a shot in the back of an unarmed, unprotected , fleeing demonstrant. The same effect has this shot repression on the whole movement, not only via shock but also through certain measures and laws. One is hit, but the target are we all . Let’s stay together and fight back !”

You can’t forbid movement! Every protest against Explotation and Oppression is justified! Solidarity with all political prisoners and refugees everywhere! Capitalism kills!

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