Public Forum - genoa july 16th/22nd

Title: A Different World is Possible Goals: to enhance and give maximum visibility to themes and proposals alternative to the G8 to raise public awareness of, and share the cultures and knowledge within the movement to enhance the plurality of cultures, approaches and experiences which will converge in Genoa to give audience to meaningful and important voices and news,� which otherwise would remain unheard to focus on grass-roots experiences and testimonies of emancipation and resistance, especially from the South to grant the movement the possibility to react �live' to the debate within the G8 to create� the opportunity within the movement to get familiar with each other, share and compare each other’s experiences and perceptions to pave the way towards finding common platforms and agendas General Criteria: to utilise all week and not only the days when the G8 takes place to follow the �Porto Alegre' model with general plenary sessions, thematic plenary sessions, and individual initiatives by organizations to use the speakers as megaphones to the outside (general plenary sessions) to plan a space where� the GSF* will comment on forum events (general plenary sessions) to have the chance to deepen certain themes and issues (thematic plenary sessions and individual initiatives by organizations) to strongly encourage public participation by providing an �open mic' for questions and comments (thematic plenary sessions and individual initiatives by organizations) Work methodology of the plenary sessions: General plenary sessions: two hours of ten minute long interventions and space for GSF comments and G-Occhio** Thematic plenary sessions: an hour and a half of interventions, and an hour and a half of� �open mic' (the audience can be split into smaller groups to facilitate translation � the simultaneous translation then wouldn’t be necessary) Individual initiatives by organizations: left to the discretion of each organiser DRAFT PROGRAMME June 27 2001

PUBLIC FORUM “A different world is possible” This is what all peoples and movements which are left out of the G8 like to think! GENOA 16/22 JULY 2001

Monday, July 16 Morning: Thematic plenary session: FIGHT AGAINST POVERTY AND INEQUALITY With a representative of Social Watch, �Social injustice as cause for inequality', �Sabina Siniscalchi (National Secretary, Mani Tese), �People’s partecipation: an answer to poverty', Joaquim Palhares (democratic jurist, President of Attac Brasil), �The World Social Tribunal', Mara Rossi (Community of Papa Giovanni XXIII), �Poverty in Africa', Fabio Marcelli (Democratic Jurists Association), �Foreign debt and immigration', Krtashivananda Avt (Proutist Universal India), �Local self-development', Giovanni Andrea Cornia (Unicef), �Globalization, poverty and inequalities', Mario Pianta, �Mechanisms of global inequalities', Martino Mazzonis, �The scissor to income in Italy', Rete Giubileo 2000 Per�, �Debt cancellation and eradication of poverty'. Afternoon: General plenary session: THIS WORLD IS NOT FOR SALE Moderated by Susan George,� with Walden Bello (Focus on the Global South), Ellen T’Hoen (International Campaign for Access to Medicines), �Globalization Working Group', a representative of MST (Movement of “Sem Terra” Brasil),� a Colombian governor on the problems caused by mafia Don Oreste Benzi, on the international trade of human beings, Georgina Kengne Djeutana, Jubilee South �Cameroun, on debt, Evening: Thematic plenary session: GLOBALIZATION AND GENDER Initiative by women’s associations and GAY 8: Debate with a holocaust survivor. � Tuesday, July 17 Morning: Thematic plenary session: GLOBALIZATION AND WORK With Raffael Freire (National Executive of CUT Brasil), Giampaolo Patta (CGIL national Secretary), Bernocchi (National Speaker of Cobas Scuola), Giorgio Cremaschi (Secretary Genaral FIOM Piemonte), a representative of National Federation Cobas, Horst Schmittener (National Secretary IGMetal Germany), Annick Coup� (National Director SUD PITT), a representative of Unemployed Officina 99 Napoli, representatives of multinationals (Danone, Zanussi) Moderated by Loris Campetti Afternoon: General plenary session: WHAT MECHANISMS FOR GLOBAL DEMOCRACY, Moderated by Don Ciotti, With Nicola Bullard (Focus on the Global South), Irune Aguirrezabal (World Federalist Movement and European Coordinator NGO Coalition for an International Criminal Court), on� supernational federalism, Franco Praussello (Union of European Federalists), Dennis Halliday former UN Vice-secretary, Professor Papisca, a representative of Tavola della Pace, on UNO for the peoples, Claudia Sala (Lila), on the project �Change' � Coalition on HIV and AIDS Non Governmental Organization in Europe, Globalise Resistance Ireland �Why Ireland said no to the Nizza Treaty'. Evening: Thematic plenary session: WHO NEEDS TRADE LIBERALIZATION? IN VIEW TO THE NEXT WTO MEETING, Moderated by Walden Bello, With A.Stefanini and E.Missoni �The right to health care and commercial agreements', Susan George �The new service agreements'. Maurizio Meloni (Campaign �Dire Mai al MAI'), �Stop Millennium Round'.

Wednesday, July 18 Morning: Thematic plenary session: PEACE With Dennis Halliday (former UN Vice-secretary), �The problem of Iraq’s embargo', Alberto Capannini (Papa Giovanni XXIII), �Operazione Colomba', Stefano Volpicelli (Lila), �War and human rights', A representative of ICS, �Civil society mobilization against war'. Thematic plenary session: ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL DEBT OF THE. NORTH, With Elman Altvater (Freie Universitaet Berlin), Aurora Donoso (Accion Ecologica Ecuador), Carlos Fazio (journalist from Uruguay) Oronto Douglas (Nigerian lawyer), �The oil issue', Shripad (Campaign against World Bank dams), Afternoon: General plenary session: ALTERNATIVES TO GLOBALIZATION Moderated by a representative of the World Social Forum, with Miguel Rossetto (Vice Governor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul), Gianni Tognoni (President of the Tribunal for Peoples' Rights), Colin Hines (author of �Localization-a Global Manifesto'), Bernard Pecoul (Director of Access Campaign), Francuccio Gesualdi (Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo), Nicola Bullard (Focus on the Global South), a representative of the International Network for Equitable Trade, Lidy Nacpil (Philippines Jubilee South Coordinator), �Freedom from debt', Ac. Krtashivananda (Proutist Universal India), �Mechanisms for local self -development'. � Thematic plenary session: FOOD IS NOT A COMMODITY � FOOD SOVEREIGNTY IS A UNIVERSAL RIGHT, With representatives of: Via Campesina, MST, farmers networks (Metapontino Farmers Crisis Committee, ARI, ASCI, Consortium for Water in Sicily), associations on biological and biodynamic issues (AMAB and AIAB), environmental movements (VAS, Lega Ambiente, Green Peace, Environmental Forum), consumers associations (ACU), civil society organizations (Crocevia, Association Michele Mancino), and communication organizations (Capitalism Nature Socialism, Carta). Evening: Thematic plenary session. CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS With a representative of People’s Health Assembly, Giuseppe Pirola (Istituto Aloisianum of Padova), Pietro Barcellona (University of Catania), A representative of Azhad on the problems of the Curds, Felipe Touissant (Centro Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolom�, A representative of Plaza de Mayo� mothers, Irune Aguirrezabal (World Federalist Movement and European Coordinator NGO Coalition for an International Criminal Court) A representative of gay associations.

Thematic plenary session: FINANCE with Bernard Cassen (President of Attac France), Elman Altvater (Freie Universitaet Berlin), Riccardo Bellofiore (University of Bergamo), Jennifer Henry (Ecumenical Coalition for Economic Justice �Canada), Shripad (India), �Export Credit Agencies and the World Bank', �Joszef Feiler (CEE Bankwatch) a representative of Slai Cobas. � Show on farmers fights “CANTATA PER MELISSA” Theatre and musical play by A.R.P.A., Phaleg. Di Terra e di Mare Produzioni Culturali; script by Danilo Gatto on lyrics by F:Costabile, M.Hernandez, P.P.Pasolini, F.Amato, L.Repaci; directed by Nin� Mazzei; voice: Gianni Aiello; music by Phaleg.

Thrusday, July 19 Morning: Special session: TRIBUNAL ON THE GROSS VIOLATIONS OF THIS WORLD ORDER (climate change, access to medicines, GM foods and food safety) With Jose Bov� (Confederation Paysanne), �Food safety', on the right to health care: Mark Heywood (Treatment Action Campaign South Africa), Vittorio Agnoletto (Lila), and Nicoletta Dentico (MSF), Dennis Brutus (South Africa) or Neil Watkins (USA), World Bank Boycott Campaign, �50 years is enough', Colin Hines (author of �Localization �a global manifesto'), on the environment, Aurora Donoso (Accion Ecologica Ecuador), on resources. Special event: GSF presentation on the week initiatives (Forum, street initiatives, �G-OCCHIO monitoring the work of the G8'). Afternoon: Migrants processions Evening: General plenary session: WE WANT TO BE GLOBAL CITIZENS Moderated by a representative of Social Watch, with Philippines Network for the Rights of the Child, �No-Border', German network for the rights of the immigrants, Ngo Alisei on the right of the immigrants, Global Movement for Children, presentation� and show of Lakota Indians Council Special event: meeting with the G.U.E. members of the European Parliament POLITICS, INSTITUTIONS, MOVEMENTS, with Francis Wurtz (French Communist Party, PCF, and President of the group GUE/NGL), Fausto Bertinotti (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, PRC Italy), Alain Krivine (Revolutionary Communist League, LRC, France), Helmut Markov (Socialist Democratic Party, PDS, Germany), Pedro Marset Campos (Izquierda Unida, IU, Spain), Joaquim Miranda (Portuguese Communist Party, PCP), Esko Seppanen (Left-wing Alliance Vasemmistoliitto, Finland), Luigi Vinci (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, PRC, Italy).

Friday, July 20 Direct actions and street forum, and trade unions (CUB, Slai Cobas) procession

Saturday, July 21 Morning: Thematic plenary session: FINANCIAL DEBT, With Riccardo Petrella (University of Lovanio), Aurora Donoso (Accion Ecologica Ecuador), Edmilson Brito Rodriguez (mayor of B�lem do P�ra), Bernardino Mandlate (Ecumenical Council of Churches), �Churches and economic globalization', representatives of movements against debt from Per�, Pakistan, Belgium and Germany. Afternoon and evening: Demonstrations and concert Special event with Stefano Salvi (journalist of �Striscia la notizia').

Sunday, July 22 Morning: Special session: G-OCCHIO �Monitoring the work of the G8 Coordinated by Genoa Social Forum, With Samir Amin, Walden Bello, Riccardo Petrella, Jose Bov�, Mark Heywood (TAC). Afternoon: Special session: GSF conclusions and next steps.