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The detailed situation in Genoa during the G8: SEALED UP! Genoa is a city with an irrational plan, so it is highly recommendable to have some fixed points to facilitate orienteering (especially in messy moments). In the plans are singled out supermarket (smk) which will be useful for people arriving in Genoa before the blockades. We pointed out the threee hospitals too (H) and the bus lines to go there. Considering we will be in the middle of july and that most of the shops will be cosed for 3-4 days, one of the problem will be the almost complete lack of fountains and places to drink; on the plans we pointed out the easiest public drinking places to find (H2O), unless the Government thinks of sealing up them too… The city center and the neighbouring area is all up and down, very fatiguing to walk about. The only plain and open area is located between Brignole railway station and Foce quarter (paln 4); in case of heavy use of tear gas during riots it will not be possible to hope for hills or sea breeze, since it will be blocked by the urban hostacles. The only way out will be to head towards the eastern part of Genoa. Surely around the red zone the squares and the streets are really narrow and with few wide way-outs. The Lagaggio zone is above the Principe Railway Station. Another crucial point is that there are no public toilets in the city center, but they are located in the Railway station (till 10 pm more or less they stay open). On Plan 0 we pointewd out the parks in the near hills. We list below the main squares (both inside and outside the red and yellow zone): Acquaverde - staz. Principe (tav 1 - C1), Caricamento (tav. 2 - B-5), Portello (tav 2 -D-3/4), Fontane Marose (tav. 2 - D-4), Cavour (tav. 3 - A/B-2/3), delle Feste (tav. 3 - A-1/2), Matteotti (tav. 3 - C1), De Ferrari (tav. 3 - D-1), della Vittoria (tav. 4 - C- 2/3), Colombo (tav. 4 - B-2), Verdi - staz. Brignole (tav. 4 - C-1), Corvetto (tav 4 - A-1), Rossetti (tav. 4 - C-4), Paolo da Novi (tav. 4 - D-2), Palermo (tav 4 - D-3) According to various sources the followin places should be the access to the Red Zone between july 18th and july 22nd (to find them in the plans you just need to search on some map search engine like kataweb or Varco delle Grazie (for the Porto Antico Area), Piazza Cavour (at the end of Corso Quadrio), Via Maragliano e via Lomellini (to get to Via XX Settembre), Piazza Banchi, Via San Giorgio, Piazza Dante (crossing via Ceccardi), Via XX Settembre (crossing con via Fiume), Via Garaventa (crossing via delle Casaccie), Galleria Nino Bixio (in the picture) to get to piazza Corvetto; the way out from the square will be through via Santi Giacomo e Filippo, Piazza San Matteo, Via Scurreria, Via Fossatello Red Zone and Yellow Zone The latest news are that the Yellow ZOne is no more, follwing the agreement s signed up by Government and Genoa Social Forum. In the zone authorized demos will take place normally. The Red Zone including most of the western part of the city center is untouched and stays off-limits. See the plan in home page The generale situation is that after the territory blockage and freedom of speech denial escalation we see a partial return to the initial position of the Government. The strategy is to make the first limitations, unconstitutional and against freedom of speech by themselves, a step forward, when they represent a clear backstep in field of the basic rights of human beings. Police Forces More or less 20.00 units will be used from the Police, Carabinieri and the Army to control the Genoa territory and overall the accesses to the Red Zone, the demos, the high transit places like highways, railway and the port. Genoa Mayor and the Police Heads anyway asking for more units. RAILWAYS Genoa Railway Stations will stay closed from 7 am july 18th to 10 pm july 22nd. Nervi, Voltri and Bolzaneto railway stations will stay open: once come to these stations (from the East, from the West and from the North respectively) travellers will get to the city center zones not restricted though buses. In these situation Savona and La Spezia become the main nodes of the railway traffic of the region and long distance traffic will be moved to Milan, Turin, Alessandria, Voghera and Parma. The latest agreements have brought to the opening of the Brignole Railway Station, which will anyway be highly suveilled (50 policemen at a time 24 hours a day and patrolling of all the train coming and going from the station). HIGHWAYS Decisions are not definitive. Hypothesis are:

  • blockage of one part of the highway in both directions, from Rapallo to Arenzano, form friday to sunday, so that the highway will permit the transit of the foreign delegates and public order forces;
  • blockage of the highway to heavy traffic and institution of a isle around Genoa, movig traffic from Western Liguria to the A26 and from Eastern Liguria to A21, sealing up the highway from Rapallo to Nervi;
  • complete blockage to everyone of the highway but only for the time necessary for the meeting partecipants to be moved to Genoa. URBAN TRAFFIC The city main street will be closed from 7 am 19th july to 8 pm july 22nd. middle sideways will be closed since 7am july 18th. In the Red Zone there will be no private auto that will have to be moved by propietors in the yellow zone or in areas prepared to host them that authorities are finding out. Including Piazza Corvetto in the Red Zone has divided the city in two: East to West traffic and viceversa will have to go throgh Circonvallazione a Monte, a way which cannot stand the normal urban traffic. Anyway it’s possible that the highways will be partly open to the urban traffic withouth payment, to ease the city roads. FRONTIERS The temporary witholding of the Shengen Treaty on Ventimiglia border is confirmed Controls to the border and the option to stop undesired people are not being abandoned. SEA
  • Airport Basin: all the basin delimitng the airport will be closed to seafaring, till Sestri Ponente. Extraordinary permissions will be given in some cases;
  • Sampiedarena Basin: from 11am july 18th to midnight july 22nd the prot activity will be stopped, to give full access to the zone in case alternative routes should be used by the Police;- Porto Antico Basin : no ship will enter the eastern opening from 11am july 18th to midnight july 22nd. Since 7amon monday all th e basin, the Grsazie and the working places will be colsed. Shp p traffic to and from Calata Sanita' will be stopped from 11am on wednesday to sunday midnight.

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we’ll update this piece of info asap to consider follow ups of gsf/government talks