Initiatives during j21

July, 5th: Multi-ethnic initiative - Firenze July, 7th: Roundtables about migrants, work, environment July, 7/8th: Workshop about G8 - Genoa July, 8th: Plenary assembly July, 12/15th : European meeting of People’s Global Action (PGA) 12/13th -> workshops 14/15th -> general meeting July, 14th: Many local actions in different italian towns July, 15/18th : A cycling caravan will be on its last laps between Milan and Genoa July, 15/22nd: Public Forum (detailed program: July, 16/17th : A sailing caravan will end its journey by landing somewhere between Imperia and Genoa. July 16/18th: Last general meetings for the practical coordination of action July 19th: Migrants' march July 20th: Civil disobedience actions and tematic squares + general workers strike (CUB, Slai, Cobas) and workers demo